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I Cannot Shut Down My Mind Tonight

This photo from Ache Woesers blog

I cannot shut down my mind tonight.

Tonight I sleep with open eyes
like the owl; my thoughts encircle the blue ocean.
Loneliness captures me in the cage of night
driving my mind into a cold pillow.

As winter sheds its green leaf
upon the gray ground
the shape-heart of the leaf
crumbles in the month of this sharp wind.

I listen to the rhythm of homesick sounds,
as if the voices of night hawk are bittersweet.
Much sorrow yet much love.

The song of elegy snatches through me.
My heart dwells in the snows of sorrow.
I cannot shut down my mind tonight!

Bloodshed ! A Trace Of life

One Tibetan Poem

Rainfalls of love

Water drops fall from the skies,
drenching my eyes, blurring my vision.
I cannot see clearly what is yet to be.

They seem to have a mind of their own,
washing, cleansing, clearing away old residue.
Perhaps they have a way to listen
to what is in my heart is feeling.

I want to laugh with happy tears.
When the rain touches the green earth,
with the color of its rebirth,
I begin to see its blessed love.

I want to laugh with happy tears.
I know the rain is blessing me too.
The purity of blue, within the light of the sky,
leaves such love; a love which is true.

Regeneration f lowers from this land,
A land once parched with desolation.
In its way it smiles up at me
I understand and experience this joy.

The wisdom the rains have taught,
reflect the love that lives deep within my heart.
Sad tears have been cast far, far away
and the happiness of today
has been transformed.

A Song of Eagle( Chinese)

The Yak Blessing

March Reflections

A dark fog
wrapped itself around Lhasa
as if it had been created
by a phantom shade
moving silently
it became a snake
our highest

signaled evening
the wild wind
Woo . . . woo . . . woo . . .

nights became restless
tragedy was everywhere
my people were suffering
tears were falling
down . . . down . . . down . . .
into the center

winds cried through the night . . .
Woo . . . woo . . . woo . . .
weeping . . . weeping . . . weeping . . .
my life, my love, my poetry . . .
smothered in tears
my soul bleeds
into the desert
of painful

Quest For Peace

An honorable man, a man of faith
not of flirtatious nature
thru the once gloomy night
I hear the Night Hawk singBreathing under the sky of desire
there is no love or caring
but instead, a fire of lustI am but a simple man
guided by wings ofKarma
love is my hearts passionTrust and betrayal
poisons the heart
balance and harmony
waver withinthrough the desolate river flows
my angel of LamtsoLake
exudes warmth even in winterLet me become Night hawk
thatI may fly into her world
to experience her peace

Tibet! After The Bloody March

Oh! You By poet friend

Immortal moments

Life's shimmering candle light glows
but like the roaring sea or merciless wind
silent and ferocious, death comes at moment's notice
and the shimmering candle light no longer shines

Immortal eyes now behold the world
eyes with new vision see death as rebirth
memories encapsulated in a star
ever shining in mortal shadow

Though the last breath escapes
the music of life carries on in death
reverberating in the philosophic soul of the mind
creating an immortal day


If death is natures answer to all things then why don't I recognize it?
Life spins away with time moving through an invisible shadow.
My skin has shrunk inside my body. Memories of my father's memorial grave have buried my heart.
When I think about the meaning behind human desire I consider those who place importance on wealth. To me it seems as though it is likened to a fog which is capable of encasing the human mind.
I shall not go about in haste. I will cherish that what is in all beings. Clear light shines when I am selfless. My heart is free.
I am going home again.


Holy Stone Speaks To Me


Tormented Nights

Fires of night burn shedding warmth
Yet my sleepless nights cause me unrest
I am in the midst of an on going nightmareDust, bloodshed and ink void of purpose
upon these wrinkled-blankpages,
fill my heart with tones of discordHistory is forming its reality about mealthough I seem to have no control of self!
I may choose to see otherwise?I have no more words left to express
for my feelings are now darkened
this horrific nightmare engulfs me,Coldness within, lights no fire
even though these mountains
bring forth shivering and painAnointed by fire,
ablaze in burning misery
My ashes are sown upon this mountain
a graveyard I leave as my legacy

walking toward home

yearning for home, dreaming Potala!

Dolma: A SnowFlower

Don't leave me, hold me
Yes, I feel you, aren't you cold? I feel the Lord, I cannot see him

There is no need to see as the Lord of death gives me a life; a life of warmth
This unrelenting land is wrapped in a thick blanket of snow It captures my voice and dims
in the blasts of the wind Oh, transitory road sealed by snow, my breath comes in short supply
Hunger has brought me to the realm of the beggar
Thirst lives upon my lips.
Jack Frost watches my suffering body, as numbness
What a hell of a land this is! I am experiencing the deepest Hell of Hells
Even the soul of the mountain is too frightened to appear.
There is no way you can say to me, that I can not differ between earth and sky
It isn't the end of my hope. I still can think I must escape into India! It can´t be end of my life; not yet! Don't leave me, I'm afraid
Can you hold my hand? Holding onto this world is difficult
I've left my family far behind
Like an old pilgrim, I walk patiently toward Mt. Gangri Poche
I can't help …

Ache Woeser La

A burning eye
of this black land, my sister,
the sun,
shines through her blue home,
The true heart for Tibet.

She is in her room, not allow to go,
and her tears like blue rains
over the white mountain

when she emerges, my sister,
the Wind carries her pure word
to give us the white flower
and eyes of invisible Tibet.

Oh! Snow flower, my sister,
opening in the March snow,
even if the red hailstorm falls,
she always blooms in my heart.

They Draw The Iron-Curtains After...

For Dolmakyab

They draw the iron -curtains after,
take my brother!

A prohibited life not allows
glinting into the night.
A murky time, a horrible time,
that makes no eye for world. And his heart
snatched and starved and stroked
by whips of rule.

They draw the iron-curtains after,
Take my brother.

On the restless Himalaya he could write,
and he was writing
A true word, a simple book,
that did more voices
for a
voiceless world.

They draw the iron-curtains after,
Take my brother;

he will be killed ...
As the eyes of world
always too
blind to see through...

Tumbling into hell-
oh, my brother!
Tonight shall I roar within you!

Mr. Dolma Kyab, a young Tibetan writer, sentenced ten-years imprisonment for writing a manuscript, [The restless Himalayas][Sao Dong de Ximalayashan,] by Lhasa People's Intermediate Court on Sept 16th, 2005. He is serving his ten-years imprison life in Chushul Prison, Tibetan Autonomous Region

Snowlion Roars

Snow lion roars with valiance Beneath Himalayan I seek the wisdom of voice I honor your fearless spirit I’ve wandered upon dark shores Your light has shown me the way I stare in admiration feeling your strength flow thru me
Snow lion roars with compassion in this dark house of exile I do not feel alone with your voice echoing thru this land of snow Songs of sweetness envelope me as I stand upon the heart of the earth herwarmth brings sun-light to my spirit carrying me toward the eye of wisdom
Snow lion roars like thunder protecting the circle of life in the act of living & dying bring forth Truth justice & Freedom

Machen Pomra


The snow falls lightly
Give me courage
To lift my life
My world

Butter lamps shine brightly
You give me courage
To light the darkness
In my heart

Crystal mountains
Show me the way
Help me to find the light
In this, the journey of my life

Cry vociferously snowlion
Show me the way
Lift my head against the devil
Give me the voice I need for my people
Who walk, on this earth, silently

Oh, my friend
When I have needed you
You have come quickly
You gift your light into my thoughts
So they can shine
Into this worldly

An Orphan Child`s Wish

The warm home out of his vision
Never know the kindness and love
The war orphaned him in this world

Like a grass he grows on the desert
And his wild hairs whisk under the dark sky
As his life lies among the ashen-snow

So begin to blow his horn alone
And voices rise from his lowest heart
Like dying fire he burns orphan life in his bone

When the world full of civil war
Corruption, disaster and disease, he wishes
A family at warm home in the earth

Ghost Wind

A shadow devoid of body and mind
walks a darkened footpath
searching for the meaning of life
driven by a sinful mind

An empty skull
brain turned into nothingness
rolls upon the ground
mourning it`s viewless self

Standing on the road
listening to the wind
of the heart begins the search light
when found will cleanse the shadows away
freeing them from the illusive mind

The ghost wind has touched my soul
up and down and in and out
it has traveled through me
this I know as my truth
and in overcoming this challenge
the doorway to the heartbeat of life opens

Tear Flows

Lonely poet walks upon unknown road
A bed of thorns for steps of growth
Many have traveled before me, alone
Nightingale hears me from a distance
Willow tree whispers a solitary song
In the light breeze,
as it beckons me forth

From open heart of pain
With mind of their own
My tears freely flow

Chaos of home remains unsolved
Butter tea is frozen before I awake
Many seekers have tasted its bitterness
A taste of the chaos of desert’s home
Though I, nor none, fear death
for dream’s reality of new existence
Upon desert sands of forgotten souls

From open heart of pain
With mind of their own
My tears freely flow