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Dolma: A SnowFlower

Don't leave me, hold me

Yes, I feel you,

aren't you cold?

I feel the Lord,

I cannot see him

There is no need to see

as the Lord of death gives me a life;

a life of warmth

This unrelenting land is wrapped in a thick blanket of snow

It captures my voice and dims

in the blasts of the wind

Oh, transitory road sealed by snow, my breath comes in short supply

Hunger has brought me to the realm of the beggar

Thirst lives upon my lips.

Jack Frost watches my suffering body, as numbness

What a hell of a land this is! I am experiencing the deepest Hell of Hells

Even the soul of the mountain is too frightened to appear.

There is no way you can say to me,

that I can not differ between earth and sky

It isn't the end of my hope. I still can think

I must escape into India!

It can´t be end of my life; not yet!

Don't leave me, I'm afraid

Can you hold my hand?

Holding onto this world is difficult

I've left my family far behind

Like an old pilgrim, I walk patiently toward Mt. Gangri Poche

I can't help remembering my arrest and the before rape by the Chinese military

When my first blooming flower faded under that nightmare

Still my desire to cross those Himalayan mountains is strong

I must be free, like a bird on wing, I fly onward

toward the free world

knowing the willingness to die

Shows the deepest of loves

I cry my deities

Without this love there is no life

I must hang onto my memories

Snow-flower I think of you often, come quickly

My thoughts quiver, yet your immortal spirit

Has not been vanquished

Still, this nightmare looms overhead

I shiver in these night shadows,

The intensity of this white, cold-snow engulfs me

My mind flies like the birds on wing into your heart

Giving me glimpses of sight

I've not lost my desire to make a home for you

I can breath at last as I search my thoughts

There is life in your heart

Guiding my spirit into

The world

Of the living

Your roots give forth trees, your skies have a soul

Growth pulsates in the vibration of energy's life

Neither day nor night offers light for me in this torment

I sink down and pray, save my life, save me

Don't close my memory

I want to tell you that neither fame nor a name

Come silently or go silently

Snow-flower you neither get born nor die

We come quickly and go quickly

Oh Snow-flower you are an immortal spirit

Silent, silent earth, under the snow

Trees with snowy branches

And mountains blanketed by white skies

Cold, my soul sinks down, It's impossible to see

I shut my eyes

Snow-flower, I see you appear upon the snows

I will hold onto you, to your voice

Stay close I am ready

To travel on

With you


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