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Tear Flows

Lonely poet walks upon unknown road
A bed of thorns for steps of growth
Many have traveled before me, alone
Nightingale hears me from a distance
Willow tree whispers a solitary song
In the light breeze,
as it beckons me forth

From open heart of pain
With mind of their own
My tears freely flow

Chaos of home remains unsolved
Butter tea is frozen before I awake
Many seekers have tasted its bitterness
A taste of the chaos of desert’s home
Though I, nor none, fear death
for dream’s reality of new existence
Upon desert sands of forgotten souls

From open heart of pain
With mind of their own
My tears freely flow


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the wild Yak (Bos mutus) is a large wild bovid native to the Himalayas in Central Asia, it is the ancestor of the domestic Yak ( Bos grunniens).
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