Saturday, September 5, 2009

They Draw The Iron-Curtains After...

For Dolmakyab

They draw the iron -curtains after,
take my brother!

A prohibited life not allows
glinting into the night.
A murky time, a horrible time,
that makes no eye for world. And his heart
snatched and starved and stroked
by whips of rule.

They draw the iron-curtains after,
Take my brother.

On the restless Himalaya he could write,
and he was writing
A true word, a simple book,
that did more voices
for a
voiceless world.

They draw the iron-curtains after,
Take my brother;

he will be killed ...
As the eyes of world
always too
blind to see through...

Tumbling into hell-
oh, my brother!
Tonight shall I roar within you!

Mr. Dolma Kyab, a young Tibetan writer, sentenced ten-years imprisonment for writing a manuscript, [The restless Himalayas][Sao Dong de Ximalayashan,] by Lhasa People's Intermediate Court on Sept 16th, 2005. He is serving his ten-years imprison life in Chushul Prison, Tibetan Autonomous Region

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