Monday, October 19, 2009

Quest For Peace

An honorable man, a man of faith
not of flirtatious nature
thru the once gloomy night
I hear the Night Hawk sing

Breathing under the sky of desire
there is no love or caring
but instead, a fire of lust

I am but a simple man
guided by wings of Karma
love is my hearts passion

Trust and betrayal
poisons the heart
balance and harmony
waver within

through the desolate river flows
my angel of Lamtso Lake
exudes warmth even in winter

Let me become Night hawk
that I may fly into her world
to experience her peace

Tibet! After The Bloody March

Friday, October 9, 2009

Immortal moments

Life's shimmering candle light glows
but like the roaring sea or merciless wind
silent and ferocious, death comes at moment's notice
and the shimmering candle light no longer shines

Immortal eyes now behold the world
eyes with new vision see death as rebirth
memories encapsulated in a star
ever shining in mortal shadow

Though the last breath escapes
the music of life carries on in death
reverberating in the philosophic soul of the mind
creating an immortal day