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Rainfalls of love

Water drops fall from the skies,
drenching my eyes, blurring my vision.
I cannot see clearly what is yet to be.

They seem to have a mind of their own,
washing, cleansing, clearing away old residue.
Perhaps they have a way to listen
to what is in my heart is feeling.

I want to laugh with happy tears.
When the rain touches the green earth,
with the color of its rebirth,
I begin to see its blessed love.

I want to laugh with happy tears.
I know the rain is blessing me too.
The purity of blue, within the light of the sky,
leaves such love; a love which is true.

Regeneration f lowers from this land,
A land once parched with desolation.
In its way it smiles up at me
I understand and experience this joy.

The wisdom the rains have taught,
reflect the love that lives deep within my heart.
Sad tears have been cast far, far away
and the happiness of today
has been transformed.


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