Sunday, May 9, 2010

Amala, a remote snow mountain

Amala, a remote snow mountain

To my dear delicate mother

A smile, through an invisible land,
Of a childish pure heart and
Shines in the snow white home, around the mountain,
In a yesterday´s spring morning...and I
Rode a white Yak on the vast grassland;
Of a woman who love me as I love her deeply
When I first came to this wold
Like every child who learn first word of human
I would like to call her name:
Amala, MaMa , Mum ...Mother.

Even the mountain is so remote,
The white cloud will carry my love
Like snowflake –endless song for her
And I feel we are not so remote

Today I call her name again:
Amala, MaMa , Mum ...Mother
Tomorrow I will still call her name:
Amala, MaMa , Mum...Mother.

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