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Come , The Spring

A thought related with Rebkong Self Immolation

< A thought related with Rebkong Self Immolation>

I heard, my mother went to Rebkong

As pilgrim, I knew that she visited Kumbum monastery

I also heard, she attended a Buddhist teaching there

But Today Morning, I hear a monk in fire

... And his yellow robe caught the fire

And his life set on the fire

Shall I extinguish the fire of life?

Morning sun goes under my pillow

I see the painful death, burning bodies

I start to cry, the miserable blanket wrapped me

My people are dying , my mother is crying :

Lama Chen , blessing my people , set them free

from suffering

The Long March Back Home- Tibet


If the world is my body, I burn The body of world, I am fire Of truth, my people said If the world is my mirror, I see Not myself, I am not I am Breathing in under the mask of world If the world is my reality, I read The suffering my people,  But you don’t know how blind this world is This real world of us, too blind to us-Tibet I wish I were the fire of this world To burn all eye of your black heart Let you see through my mirror The painful human, my people in Tibet Take off your mask, show me your real face

Losar- Water Dargon Year

Losar ལོ་གསར

–Water Dargon year ཆུ་འབྲུག་ལོའི་ ལོ་ གསར

The butter lamps Of suffering
Illumine your sorrowful soul
From the land of snow
my words with
inauspicious thundering’s shook heaven

the fire of pain
burning through this night
the night of darkness
death is rebirth
reborn the spirit of mountain
from the bottom of ocean

my songs of Tashi Delek
waved through the depth of ocean-
wisdom with compassion
surely arise over the eastern sky

but the countless misery
of life at home
on this earth
I believe
“we shall over come”
one day
I hold your hands infront of potala
Sing a song
Tashi lolek –Happy New year.


མཚན་མོ་འདིར་ གདུང་ སེམས་་ཀྱི་་མེ་ལྕེ་ཡིས

བཀྲིས་བདེ་ལེགས་ཀྱི་ རྦ་རླབས

ས་སྒང་འདིར་ གངས་ཅན་པས
བདག་གིས་ རེ་སྨོན་ལ

She -Acha Woeser La

She –acha woeser la
In the cold beijing morning She would be arrested in her small house By the cold snow mixed rain at  the heart of china(Beijing) –far away her home.(Tibet)
I heard her voices through wind I should open widely my window Allow the wind carried her word A word of truth and justice
She –my sister, a tearful sister Even in the winter, she could endure The frozen icy Beijing cold wind and Facing the jeopardy to tell reality
My sister, acha woeser la She is true flower , every March Opening her brave or beautiful flower And give us a beautiful free word Let Tibetan free, let Tibetan free.
她- 阿佳唯色啦

在远离她的家乡(图博特) 在中国的心脏(北京),在在她的小房子里, 她会被一阵凄凉雪夹雨 逮捕


阿佳唯色啦,她是真理的花朵, 每年三月,盛开

The Last Night Song

The Last Night song

Again , in a night
The devilish dream held me 
In their arm and
A restless heart
Wandering in Bardo*

Again ,in one corner of sadness
Breathing life of night
In the eye of beauty
Saw the traceless pain

Again, in a darkness
Rising my hand
To hold a wound-
The last remaining history

Again, a sadness line
With beautiful melody
With sorrowful word
To create the last night song
Note: * The Tibetan word Bardo means literally "intermediate state" - also translated as "transitional state" or "in-between state".