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They are Gone, Gone with the Fire

They are gone , Gone with the fire

My brothers, my sisters
My compatriots are gone
Every time, I heard a crying in the flames 
Whenever and saw the body of flames 
The clip-clop of horse on the silent grassland.
How heavy is !, how sad Is !
At the moment, with a melodious mantra
Sing my lament: unforgettable , not be forgotten
Traces of life in snowy flames

they are gone, they are gone
A life turned into flames
To Warm this desolate plateau
I cannot write down, mourning -
Tingling bone marrow, it is difficult to use
human language
Described the pain of boiling in the fire of truth

Lit a butter lamp, calling you 
As they for snow land
Offering one’s life 
Unforgettable , cannot forget
Traces of life in snowy flames

In Tibetan 

ཕྱིན་སོང མེ་ལྕེ་འགྲོགས་ནས་ཕྱིན་སོང